I spent more time observing (and eating) microbes over the several days than the past several months, which broke down my post-a-day routine. Here were some of the highlights:

  • Taking three-dimensional scanning electron microscope images of the fungal hyphae in soft cheese.
  • Eating more huitlacoche than I thought possible.
  • Realizing that the biological effects of ethanol (and people) are still a bit of a mystery. The microbiology of champagne production is fascinating.
  • Talking with biologists about the sex lives of bananas, the communal stomachs of ants, the ejaculations of whales, and the family trees of ant colonies.
  • Making mozzarella with curds from New York, since a more local importer was closed down due to mafia ties.
  • Taking a tour of a cheese microbiology lab, which is getting into the culinary consultancy business.