Here are some thought-provoking ideas from the past week:

  1. How do we measure the amount of money in the country? We can add the total amount of cash people carry to the amount they store in banks. However, the banks loan money to others, who can then use it to pay someone else, who deposits it in another bank… [This American Life]
  2. Guys tend to ignore girls who are merely cute and other fun facts about the mathematics of beauty. [OK Cupid blog]
  3. E-ink just came out with a color display. How do the black and white microspheres stay separate in the monochrome version? On a related note, how do squids change color so fast?  [E ink]
  4. In Taiwan, residents wait outside together for the trash truck to arrive. It’s even a possible way to find a date this way. [Freakonomics blog]