I’ve written and discarded numerous starts to this post. One of the criteria that I try to use to judge a blog post, book, or presentation is to ask “so what?”. This is the question that my dad had to answer numerous times when showing his latest results to his advisor and he eventually learned how to present his findings in a way to make someone else understand their importance. The goal of writing and presenting is to change people’s thinking, not just to transmit information. So instead of writing about what I had for lunch or what I’m listening to now, here are a couple links that may be more effective at changing the way you think:

  1. Journeyman Starts with a One Simple Step by Jessica Alpert (WBUR) – inspiring story of opening up a restaurant
  2. ChangeOrder by David Sherwin – just discovered this blog, via Scott Berkun
  3. 3 Case Studies: Ordinary people using extraordinary scripts to hustle by Ramit Sethi – the advice itself isn’t original, but the stories are interesting
  4. Seth Godin’s blog: a veteran of the post-a-day paradigm and another potential source of inspiration