Here’s a quick update from my day of assumption-testing:

  1. Talked to strangers: insight into potential new items at Clover, talked with a random woman while walking up the stairs at the Porter T stop, and have a list of a half-dozen new cocktails to try.
  2. Three e-mails sent into virtual abyss:. I was planning to send more, but having my cursor over the send button was a great incentive to think more critically about what I was asking.
  3. Pre-cooking: started making plans for two potential dinner parties and planning a visit to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow (perishable goods inspire culinary creations).

None of these crossed the threshold to story-worthy, but it was certainly more worthwhile than hours of reading blogs.

On the deep reading front, tomorrow morning I plan to re-read Confessions of a Public Speaker and more of Scott Berkun’s writings on-line, before heading to one of the Harvard libraries (or the new Cambridge Public Library) later in the day.